Most article marketers take advantage of Blogger because it can be used for free. Though a lot of these article marketers pay to get pro accounts, they still get a lot more than what they pay for. Posting entries on Blogger accounts can really be helpful especially for affiliates but posting updates through Twitter can give them so much more. Today’s most popular website has got to be Twitter, even gaining more popularity than the two giant networking websites, Myspace and Facebook. Maybe it is the preciseness that those two websites lack that is making Twitter more popular among people in the whole world. Twitter is now so big in the United States but it is also getting bigger in countries all over the world. Professional bloggers could make use of this popularity to get more traffic for their websites.

It is possible that even though you regularly update your blog, there are not a lot of people who take notice. With Twitter’s system, you can make sure that every update reaches your contacts’ inbox. You could even make use of a Twitter tool to enable you to get more followers daily. You would be able to get this tool by checking out There, you will find a detailed description of their software that can be used to get more followers on Twitter. The administration of Twitter now has a way of detecting which accounts are being managed by automated software and remove it from their system but with the time delay feature of this software, it will seem to be operated entirely by an actual person and not some robot.

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With this, you would not have to spend time adding people up because this software would get more followers for you. Since everything about this software is automated, as long as, it sees the user as active, it will automatically follow that user and unfollow once it sees that the user does not follow you back. You can only be able to promote your content here by getting real followers and you would surely get that from this software.